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Very new to QT

  • Hi, i am very new to QT...

    Do you use pointers to create and initialize properties?..
    if not, do you create and initialize them on header or cpp file ?


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    @U7Development said in Very new to QT:

    Do you use pointers to create and initialize properties?..

    Depends. You can store normal data in Q_PROPERTY, but you can store pointers, too. So this is really not something that can be answered definitely - all depends on your needs.

    if not, do you create and initialize them on header or cpp file ?

    Q_PROPERTY can only be used in a header file, or at least I have never seen it placed anywhere else.

    I have no idea what you mean by "initialize" in context of a property.

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    Hi and welcome to the forums
    If you mean its initial value, don't forget there is a normal variable underneath the
    Q_PROPERTY and you can do like you normally do.

    class MyClass : public QObject
        Q_PROPERTY(Priority priority READ priority WRITE setPriority)
        enum Priority { High, Low, VeryHigh, VeryLow };
        void setPriority(Priority priority)    {
            m_priority = priority;        
        Priority priority() const    { return m_priority; }
        Priority m_priority = High; // set init value to High


  • Thanks for replies and welcome!

    My apologies, i said properties because my fault, i use unreal engine, there i have properties the same as components..

    What i want to do is to create a control, for instance a QPushButton from code, inside a class

    class MyWindow : QMainWindow{
    //some people used pointers
    QPushButton * btn1 = nullptr;

      //but others standard variable
      QPushButton btn2;

    [/ code]

    Do both ways will serve for QT?

    And thanks both for the explanation of Q_PROPERTY, that's new and welcome to learn 😁

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    Ah. well its actually widgets then.
    If you place the button as a member (in .h )
    then syntax will work.
    QPushButton btn2;

    That said, if you have it as nonpointer and put it in a layout, you might get a double deletion
    as both the layout and the class will try to delete it.

    So while both syntaxes are fine, the
    QPushButton * btn1 = new QPushButton;
    are the most commonly used to avoid issues.

    Do note Qt has a object system that will handle the deletion of Widgets so most of the time no
    delete btn1 is needed if you insert into a parent. ( like a form)
    explained here

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    @mrjj said in Very new to QT:

    class MyWindow : QMainWindow{
    QPushButton btn2; // this is local variable and will be deleted as soon as functions ends

    It's a class not a function :-)

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    omg yes, i saw it as the constructor :)
    deleted. Thanks.

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