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create a final directories With Qt installer framework

  • Hi

    i am newbie in Qt installer framework and i don't thing how to create a final directories come to the final directory describe below on mode online for the OS Linux Ubuntu.

    could you give me an example of use for resolve me problems.
    to remind the person who will install the software will not have to make any order on Ubuntu all command make it's automatique.

    for my second problem I try in the installer mode to save some file as well as the directory
    example reinstalling the software over the existing one but keeping the data files.

    Thanks a lots Cordially Dyonisos34.


  • hi

    i found the first solution :

    QT use package for manage directories thus if you need to create example use dynamique page exemple and place on the data all document on the Data Composant.Subcomposant.

    Recently, i don't have found a solution to choose or exclude fichier if on the composant selection is choose.

    Cordialy Dyonisos34

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