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Bug in QAbstractScrollArea or near else

  • I tried create scalable list of complex items including QWidgets. Then I found bug - in the required combination of QGraphicsScene, QListWidget and QGroupBox (or any other QWidget exactly) the scrolling doesn't work. I do not want describe all details. I just give link to QTBUG I have created. It includes project with source code showing this bug. I have compiled and run this in desktop Linux and Android. Anybody can try this on Windows or else. But I am sure bug will be confirmed.

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    Please test your issue with a more recent version of Qt. Current is 5.12 with 5.13 in preview.

  • @SGaist hmmm... If you know this bug must/can be fixed in newer release - then I'll try. But if you are just want confirm it for these releases - then I will not waste time. Therefore tell me reason for test. Sorry, I have already spent two days finding workaround. My main project stall. If my simple solution doesn't work then I have implement Model/View with Delegate - this is time consuming work for my case. Instead anybody who already has Qt 5.12 installed can download test project and run it. It is very simple and compact, builds in 15 seconds. In running app scrollbar knob movement must scroll entire list but for me it does not.

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    Tried the code on Windows 10 , Qt5.12.
    It did not scroll for me when using setItemWidget.

  • @mrjj thanx. I have change bug report.

    PS: The bug appears even when first create list with attached widgets then bind it to QGraphicsWidget on scene.

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