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plugin.qmltype problem? 3DBars example scene does not have member

  • as title post, in 3dBars example qt creator show these error

    Bars3D {
                id: barGraph
                x: 0
                y: 0
                width: 1135
                height: 780
                //floorLevel: qsTr("")
                horizontalAspectRatio: 1
                selectionMode: AbstractGraph3D.SelectionItem | AbstractGraph3D.SelectionRow | AbstractGraph3D.SelectionColumn | AbstractGraph3D.SelectionSlice | AbstractGraph3D.SelectionMultiSeries
                anchors.right: parent.right
                shadowQuality: AbstractGraph3D.ShadowQualityMedium
                theme: Theme3D {
                    windowColor: "#c3eff6"
                    labelBackgroundColor: "#c3eff6"
                    backgroundColor: "#c3eff6"
                    type: Theme3D.ThemePrimaryColors
                    labelBorderEnabled: true
                    font.pointSize: 25
                    labelBackgroundEnabled: true
                    colorStyle: Theme3D.ColorStyleRangeGradient
                    singleHighlightGradient: customGradient
                    ColorGradient {
                        id: customGradient
                        ColorGradientStop { position: 1.0; color: "#FFFF00" }
                        ColorGradientStop { position: 0.0; color: "#808000" }
                barThickness: 1.2
                barSpacing: Qt.size(0.6, 0.6)
                barSpacingRelative: false
                scene.activeCamera.cameraPreset: Camera3D.CameraPresetIsometricLeftHigh      // scene does not have members (M17)

    not undestand why, because the property is for datavisualization 1.2 ..... and these is import in file ....
    someone can suggest me the right road to find the problem?


  • I update the code with slider for test some property:

                scene.activeCamera.yRotation: vertSlid.value
                scene.activeCamera.xRotation: orizzSlid.value
                scene.activeCamera.zoomLevel: zoomSlid.value

    It work perfect but still exist the error M17 ... why these??

    It is only plugin.qmltype problem?

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