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Strange gdb effect :: DebugRun & ReleaseRun have strange behaviour in threaded mtcnn All test in Relase mode

  • Hi,

    My program using multi threaded face detection via opencv. There is a very strange behaviour.

    when I run the program the mtcnn loading the models files correctly and boxing the faces

    but in release mode same code same machine does not loading the models file and not boxing the faces . ?

    What could be different between these release and debug modes ?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @RahibeMeryem said in Debug & Release have strange behaviour in threaded mtcnn:

    What could be different between these release and debug modes ?

    Debug and release version of the libraries you're using.
    Do you use release builds of your libs when using release build of your app?

    And which platform and Qt version?

  • @jsulm Qt5.12.2 is the Qt version

    and both are using the System Environment . this makes me crazy ..

    same executable in the Qt creator . when I hit Green run button mtcnn not boxing the face,

    same executable if I hit the Green with the debug ikon run button its working ?

    it looks difference is the debugger attachment.

    whet I build the app debug or release mode same behaiviour as above.

  • @jsulm

    what is the running gdb mechanism on the Qtcreator ?

    If I run the program through clicking Debug in Release mode my app working and drawing faceboxes.

    But when I just hit Run icon its not.

    How the gdb makes it working ? is it library and environment issue I think. How can I get full command line which Qtcreator executing when hitting the DebugRun ? any idea ?

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    @RahibeMeryem Is there any output in the Application Output tab in QtCreator if the app is not working properly?
    Also you can compare your debug and release configurations in the Kit you're using.

  • I found the solution to use linuxqtdeploy to use same library base.

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