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How to change the data in QAbstractlistModel?

  • hi, I am new to Qt/QML, this is maybe a basic function. I want to use QAbstractlistModel to provide 2 roles of data to QML's listview model.

    QHash<int, QByteArray> myModel::roleNames() const
        QHash<int, QByteArray> roles;
        roles[TimerRole] = "time";
        roles[TitleRole] = "title";
        return roles;

    and in QML I have the following:

    model: myModel
    time: model.time // editable

    I also have a Q_PROPERTY in another class:

    Q_PROPERTY(QDateTime currentTime READ currentTime WRITE setCurrentTime NOTIFY currentTimeChanged)

    All I want to do is to change the model.time in qml with QDateTime currentTime, should I use QAbstractlistModel::setData( )? If yes, when to call setData and which aeguments should be passed into it?

    Thank you in advance

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