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QDockWidgets in Linux cannot float outside of screen geometry

  • My program is running on linux / QT 4.8.7

    If I try to move a QDockWidget partially out of the screen by dragging from the title bar, it won't move past the border of the screen, it stops moving there.

    However, if I alt click and drag I can move it partially out (looks like probably the window manager is circumventing qt).

    Is this a bug? can I patch the source of qdockwidget to allow it to move partially out of the screen?


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    That's likely coming from your window manager.

    Which is it ?
    Do you have the same behaviour with Qt 5 ?

  • I am using centOS 6.10, my windows manager is metacity 2.28.0. I haven't tried with qt 5 yet, will try that now

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