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"module “QtQuick.Shapes” is not installed "

  • Running any of the examples successed with QtCreator,but when i run the release version with the .exe , then the message show up that "module “QtQuick.Shapes” is not installed "

  • @kapi

    Hi and welcome to devnet forum

    Can you start the release exe application with Ctrl+r from creator?
    If yes, you need to check for the dynamic libs and plugins for installation.

    What OS are you using?
    What is the Qt version?

  • window10 and qt 5.12.2,
    Ctrl+r from creator to running is right
    ,but i use "windeployqt test-connector.exe -qmldir D:\Qt\5.12.2\msvc2017_64\qml" to package,and running the .exe,but is show up "module “QtQuick.Shapes” is not installed"
    0_1554290406486_QQ截图20190403191653.png image url)
    the shapes lib is exist

  • i have solved that, use "windeployqt test-connector.exe -qmldir E:\whereveryourcodeis\projectname" to package is right

  • After windeployqt, copy Qt5QuickShapes.dll from <compiler lib>/bin into the root of your standalone package, and then copy the Shapes folder under <compiler lib>/qml/QtQuick into the QtQuick folder inside your package.

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