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FileDialog file does not show

  • Hello, I made a program with a lot of visual element. When I clicked on my menu item "OpenImage", I add this qml using QQmlApplicationEngine load function. Depending on how much UI element I have on my view, the files of FileDialog does not show.

    import QtQuick 2.2
    import QtQuick.Dialogs 1.0
    Item {
        FileDialog {
            id: fileDialog
            title: "Please choose a file"
            folder: shortcuts.home
            nameFilters: [ "Image files (*.jpg *.png)", "All files (*)" ]
            modality: Qt.ApplicationModal
            onAccepted: {
                console.log("You chose: " + fileDialog.fileUrls)
            onRejected: {
            Component.onCompleted: visible = true

  • Hi @PixyWitchy Did you call filedialog using Why did you add Qt.quit() parts and modality?

  • @Yunus The modality is to block everything in background (c++) during the time I choose the file. Qt.quit() it's just during the testing time of my file dialog. I didn't open it with because it is visible when the component is complete and like I said I added this qml at runtime when I click on OpenImage via the load function of QQmlApplicationEngine

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