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Unable to assign [undefined] to QString

  • Hello,

    I am developing a kde plasmoid and cannot get basic communication between cpp and qml. I think everything is returning the correct type but I am still getting undefined. Here are my files:


    #ifndef UNIXTIME_H
    #define UNIXTIME_H
    #include <Plasma/Applet>
    class unixtime : public Plasma::Applet
        Q_PROPERTY(QString nativeText READ nativeText CONSTANT)
        unixtime( QObject *parent, const QVariantList &args );
        QString nativeText() const;
        QString text() const;
        QString m_nativeText;


    #include "unixtime.h"
    #include <klocalizedstring.h>
    #include <QString>
    unixtime::unixtime(QObject *parent, const QVariantList &args)
        : Plasma::Applet(parent, args),
          m_nativeText(i18n("Text coming from C++ plugin"))
    QString unixtime::nativeText() const
        return QString("Test");
        return m_nativeText;
    QString unixtime::text() const
        return QString("test");
    K_EXPORT_PLASMA_APPLET_WITH_JSON(unixtime, unixtime, "metadata.json")
    #include "unixtime.moc"


    import QtQuick 2.1
    import QtQuick.Layouts 1.1
    import org.kde.plasma.core 2.0 as PlasmaCore
    import org.kde.plasma.plasmoid 2.0
    import org.kde.plasma.components 2.0 as PlasmaComponents
    Item {
        Plasmoid.fullRepresentation: ColumnLayout {
            anchors.fill: parent
            Image {
                Layout.fillHeight: true
                Layout.fillWidth: true
                fillMode: Image.PreserveAspectFit
                source: "../images/pairs.svgz"
            PlasmaComponents.Label {
                Layout.alignment: Qt.AlignCenter
                text: plasmoid.nativeInterface.text

    Thank you for your help!
    Also this error is occurring on the text object

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Since you are developing a KDE plasmoid, you should rather bring this question to the KDE folks.

  • @SGaist thank you for your reply. I'll pass my question on to the KDE folk!

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