QSplitter position range

  • Hello!

    I am using a QSplitter and I want to detect when it is in a specific position.

    I have connected this signal:

    QSplitter::splitterMoved(int pos, int index)

    And I need to know if there is a function that returns the 'pos' parameter range. I want to do something when 'pos' has the maximum value.

    Thank you very much!

    PD: It is a vertical splitter.

  • @ivanicy

    I solved this:

    int iMax = 0, iMin = 0;
    splitterVertical->getRange(1, &iMin, &iMax);
    qDebug() << "--------------------------";
    qDebug() << "iMax: " << iMax;
    qDebug() << "iMin: " << iMin;
    qDebug() << "--------------------------";

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