How to get QTreeWidgetItem position?

  • How shall I get a QTreeWidgetItem LeftTop position (in pixel) after I get this item with the itemAt?

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    The item has no visual representation it's just pure data. It's the view/delegate that takes care of representing visually the item.

    Why do you need that position?

  • @VRonin I need the position to define border coordinates of item. And then I will make a height resize of the item (when a mouse cursor drag a border).

    It is strange. I can set height of an item with

    QSize height; 
    item->setSizeHint(0, height);

    But I can not get coordinates of an item.

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    All you are trying to do should be done by subclassing QStyledItemDelegate

  • @flammmable


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    itemWidget is not the way to go. the delegate is the scalable solution


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