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Screen resolution - position of mobile (vertical or horizontal)

  • Hi,

    I have a android tablets with a resolution 800x480.

    I have a qt aplication. I adjust the size with setFixedSize(480,800).

    But I have 2 problems:

    If I have the tablets in vertical position, I see the application correctly, but if I change to a horizontal position,
    Android puts the window in a vertical positio, and then, the application is not watched well.

    Because, I have a window with a resolution 480x800 on a screen 800x480.

    I wonder if I could detect the tablet position to adapt the window.

    My second problem is that I want that the program runs on any resolution, for example, 480x300. Could I know the resolution of the device.


  • Why do you use a fixed size?
    I would just use fullscreen.

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