weird unterminated conditional directiv and unknown type name

  • Hi
    i tried running a prog it worked then when i tried rerunning it i got "unknown type name" on a class name that i included her header.

    #ifndef PLAYERN_H
    #define PLAYERN_H
    #include "playernames.h"
    #include <QDialog>
    #include "gametable.h"
    #include <QStringBuilder>
    namespace Ui {
    class PLAYERN;
    class PLAYERN : public QDialog
        Ui::PLAYERN *ui;
        playerNAMES *rtry = new playerNAMES();
        gametable *sf = new gametable();
    #endif // PLAYERN_H

    ah and i get "unterminated conditional directiv"

  • Qt Champions 2018

    Take a look into your other two own includes - maybe you forgot an endif there

  • hey
    no they all have them.
    it worked then when i rerun it, it didnt

  • actually i tried making a new widget with a different name and copied everything from the old one and included it, changed the class name worked at first then no.

  • Actually i just realised i made the two windows call each other (i need the first window to call the second one, then the second one to use Qstrings from the first one)
    that s the cause of the errors

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