Drag stopped working.

  • hi all,

    i am using a touch monitor which supports both touch and mouse inputs. i have a rectangle item which is a menu, which can be dragged using mouse or hand(touch).
    Dragging works fine with both mouse and hand(touch )
    But when i drag with mouse , while dragging if i touch the menu with hand(touch) suddenly dragging stops. and from that moment we can't drag menu anymore.
    i get an error saying: touchpoint pressed without previous release event qt

    does anyone know how to resolve this.
    here is samle code:

    Rectangle  {
    id: vsMenu
    property bool dragActive: clickCatcher.drag.active
    onDragActiveChanged: resetTimeout()
    MouseArea {
        id: clickCatcher
        onVisibleChanged: console.log(visible)
            top: parent.top
            left: parent.left
            right: parent.right
        height: 50
        drag.target: vsMenu
        drag.axis: Drag.XAndYAxis
        drag.minimumX: 0
        drag.maximumX: 1200
        drag.minimumY: 100
        drag.maximumY: 800
        onPressed: {
        //do something 

  • help! anyone ?

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