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[Solved]Path and libs in qt

  • ’m a newbie on Qt and i have alot of problems to learn about using other widgets.
    I tried and succeeded to use QWT both in qtCreator (I see the widgets and it’s possible to use them on the forms) and build the project with those widgets included.
    I had to use this in the pro file


      QWT_LOCATION = /home/thomas/qwt/qwt-6.0.1/
      INCLUDEPATH += $${QWT_LOCATION}/include/ \
      LIBS = -L$${QWT_LOCATION}/lib \ -lqwt

    Then I want to include other widgets to my project and i managed to set them up in the qt qreator ID
    But I cant build the project.

    I tried these solution in the pro file.


      QWT_LOCATION = /home/thomas/qwt/qwt-6.0.1/

    ANALOGWIDGETS_LOCATION = /home/thomas/AnalogWidgets/

    INCLUDEPATH += $${QWT_LOCATION}/include/ \ $${ANALOGWIDGETS_LOCATION}/analogwidgets/analogwidgets/
    LIBS = -L$${QWT_LOCATION}/lib
    -L$${ANALOGWIDGETS_LOCATION}/analogwidgets \ -lqwt

    Could someone get me a hint of how i’m going to solve this.

    It shouldn't be so hard to use other widgets in this IDE I guess
    Sorry for my english

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