communication from two webengine

  • Hi, I'm working with a QT-QML-WEBENGINE project.
    When I open a QML file connecting a webengine object I can interact with QT / C ++ with the SLOT and SIGNAL system.
    Through the onNewViewRequested event, started with, I can act in a QML position through "Connections {target:".
    Everything ok but ...
    I have not found a way to get back to the control of the webengine.

    in 2 qml files I connect webengine and in each one I load a html page controlled by specific javascript.
             primo.qml (component of main.qml)
                 - pageA.html
                    - javascript_pageA.js
             secondo.qml (component of main.qml)
                 - pageB.html
                    - javascript_pageB.js

    If I'm on pageB I would like to start a function in javascript_pageA.js
    If I'm on pageA I would like to start a function in javascript_pagieB.js

    Is it possible according to you?
    Thanks in advance

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