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Qt Quick and complex 3D scene

  • Hi,

    I'm using qt quick to make a 3d application for desktops which works with a complex 3d scene (millions of triangles). I notice that when a model is loaded, my UI becomes sluggish.
    I'm basically following this example from the documentation to implement my renderview/renderer. The paint method of my renderer is connected to the beforeRendering signal of the qquickwindow . the beforeSynchronizing signal of the window is connected to the sync slot of the renderview to sync the renderer with objects to render.
    When I move my mouse through an open menu from the menubar, i notice that eg the highlighting runs behind (in comparison when no model is loaded). I assume that it is because the rendering of my scene takes some time and eats resources from the gui rendering. Is there a way around this effect?


    Ps: in de paint method of the renderer, i just draw triangles, all buffers are inited and filled on beforehand.

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