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Trying to set up local repository

  • Hello everybody,

    we are trying to set up a local Qt repository to reduce the time needed for installation and also to improve the availability.

    My current problem is that the online installer gives me a warning that I would need the version 3.0.2 where it is already version 3.0.6.
    This problem only occurs with our local mirror which we add as a user repository and provide as an FTP server.
    When I disable all the default repositories, I can see that some packages are accepted and some are not.

    We use rsync to synchronize with the repository and then we patch the online/<platform>/root/qt/Updates.xml to reference our FTP instead of This is also the file we then add as a user repository.

    It would be great if someone would have an idea why we get the 3.0.2 warning and some packages do not work although we are simply mirroring the master repository.

    c:\cygwin64\bin\rsync.exe -rlpt --delete --delete-excluded --progress --exclude=/qt5 --exclude=/qtsdkrepository/linux_x86 Qt5


    Thank you in advance,

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