Best compiler or IDE for macOS/QT?

  • We are converting a C++ application from Win32 to Qt, using Visual Studio. We will be porting it to macOS as well.

    What is the most robust, reliable, industrial-strength development environment for macOS? Most popular?

    • XCode
    • Qt Creator
    • Eclipse
    • CLion
    • Sublime
    • Other?

    An IDE would be nice, as well as the ability to step through the code in debug mode.

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    There's only one official compiler on macOS and it's clang coming with Xcode. There are others than you can get using macports for example but you'll be on your own in case of trouble.

    As for the IDE, if you want to have a common development experience, then I'll recommend going with Qt Creator so you don't have to do big switches when changing development OSs. The interface will stay the same so you'll feel more quickly at home.

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