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Is Qt3D stable for GUI development?

  • I am new to this forum. Please excuse if I sound too vague.
    We are starting a GUI project based on QT and QML. The project will also have 3D objects to be loaded in the screen.

    I am new to Qt3D and I explored about it , its usages and examples.

    One thing I noted is that across different QT versions some some 3D specific elements gone absolute and the import statements changes too. Old examples doesn't compile in newer versions.

    This brings me a question that "Is Qt3D stable?" If its stable enough to use on project what would be the right version to consider? If its not stable enough to use on the project, how else we could achieve 3D functionality while still sticking with QT.

    If project is developed with a version of QT, what are the chances it may not compile well with newest versions of QT?

    Thanks in advance!

  • @TheCuteNewbie I don't know about the stability of Qt3D, but you can use other rendering engines with Qt and QtQuick. This video explains how to do it using QQuickRenderControl. That bit starts at 32:41

    Note that Qt3D does not include a way to get the bounding box of a geometry, something I consider a bug.

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