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Do the docs normally omit when a Qt Class inherits from classes in other libraries?

  • I was sub-classing QException and implemented a what() method:

       virtual const QChar* what() const {
           return what_;

    There was an error related to overriding a base class member. I checked the docs for QException and found no "inherets" entry. I also found no what() method listed under "List of All Members, including inherited members". When I went back to Qt Creator and followed the error to the original defintion, it pointed to std::exception. In the source code for QException, I see that QException does in fact inherit from std::exception.

    Not a hard problem to solve on my end, but it did catch me by surprise and got me thinking - when Qt classes inherit from something outside the framework, do the docs say so, or are the methods ever included under the list of inherited methods?

  • I think the answer for your observation is, yes, they omit that information.

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    Good question, I would recommend bringing it to the interest mailing list. You'll find there Qt's developers/maintainers. This forum is more use oriented.

  • @SGaist Ooh, cool. Thanks!

    I searched the qtbase git repo for "public std::" and "private std::" which ought to show classes that inherit from std classes at least. It looks like QException truly is exceptional in this case! It was the only Qt class I could find that used a std base class.

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