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Mobile App for iOS and Android using Windows 10

  • Hi!
    I've been asked to come up with a cross-platform development environment for a mobile app we want to write for our company that would support both iOS and Android devices. Since I know c++ and pretty much familiar with QT, I wanted to go with it. The thing is that we all develop on Windows 10, since we don't use Macs at all. Would it be somewhat problematic to write one mobile app for the both systems in windows? What are most common problems? Is it possible to use, say, a virtual macOS (through VirtualBox) installed on Windows to test and compile for iOS?

  • @AlienTed

    Hi and welcome to devnet forum

    Development for Android on Windows 10 is directly possible. You can connect to AVDs for testing or to actual devices. I have managed to debug also for older Android devices (5.0) with cûrrent versions. At the time being the debugging for newer Android version e.g. Oreo on Huawei and Xiaomi has problems. I was not able to get it to work. however, you can still run it directly with Ctrl+R on devices and receive qDebug() outpput in creator. Not sure ifthe issue is with Android version or phones.

    You can use qt creator alsoin virtual box. I have done with ubuntu linux and did cross-compile for embedded linux.

    I have no experience with iOS or other operation systems. You would need to check if there are images for virtual box available.

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    let me fill in for iOS,

    your qt application will, as long as you do not include 3rd party or native libs be able to run on iOS with very little adjustments.

    However MacOs is required to compile for iOS!

    • You can either buy a cheap MacBook/Mac mini
    • Try installing it on a vm (used to be highly illegal, iirc. Not sure what's the status on that today)
    • find a company that compiles your iOS app for you- there are some, but I have never used one.

  • @J.Hilk Thanks for the fill in. I wanted to find out exactly that. It sums it then, I'll go with QT.

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