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Where do we put files that we need deployed with our app?

  • Hi all.

    I need to distribute a couple of SQLite databases with my cross-platform application. The qrc file does not appear to be an appropriate place for this kind of thing. Although QStandardPaths gives us a convenient way to find directories at runtime, I need to get the files into one of those places at installation time. I've done some searching on this issue, but haven't seen a good answer.

    Also, I realize that in this case I could simply include the necessary SQL to create the databases on the fly, but I may need to include other types of files that are likewise not appropriate for the qrc method. Thanks!

  • Depends how you are distributing your app, and the type of files being shipped with it.

    I think it's quite an arbitrary decision how you want your layout to be. If you are only sending a binary installation then you'd decide that as part of creating your installer.

    Not sure that there is a right answer to this question.

  • Thanks. This will primarily be a mobile application, so of course I don't get to write my own installer for those. I've included a subdirectory and file in my Qt project, so I guess I'll have to examine the resulting mobile applications and see where they've been deposited.

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    Take a look at the iOS platform notes, especially the Application Assets part. There's an equivalent in the Android platform notes.

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