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Latest soapbox rant...quality of offline Qt documentation

  • There are probably a couple of places where this post might fit, but this area is more likely to get folks attention.

    I really have to chastize the Qt folks for the lameness of the built offline documentation. Under the Trolltek regime it was really good: high contrast pages where things just popped out at the reader, appropriate use of side-panels, and a very comprehensive list of html docs to describe the framework in its entirety. Under the current Qt ownership the offline built documentation is drab, runs on with no visual queues to grab the reader's attention, and in many cases is either too vague, or refers to the cloud docs, even when when user expects to work offline.

    In many cases businesses distribute lame user docs by design. The less comprehensive and usable docs are, the more likely the customer is to pay for support or to buy training materials. Hmmm...makes me wonder...

    I have no interest in web design other than as a discerning user. When I initially load the main index.html, I briefly see the higher contrast, larger font information I expect, before the embedded style sheets detract from the experience. For the love of whomever you believe in....PLEASE BRING BACK HIGH CONTRAST FRAMES BASED DOCUMENTATION VIEWING WITH ADEQUATELY SIZED FONTS!!! The current default scheme is mind numbing.

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    You're barking up the wrong tree, this is a user forum. Also I haven't seen any significant differences between the offline and online documentation, the fact that I use the online docs is only due to the fact that I don't want my docs to be in the same window as my code (what Creator does). Unless I misunderstood your box of soap I have no clue what you're talking about ...

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    @Kent-Dorfman Good timing. There is a 2-day intensive workshop this coming Monday for improving the docs:

    I encourage you to get in touch with Paul Wicking ASAP by posting in the blog comments, so that your complaints can be taken on board during the workshop.

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