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How to make your own little application with 2d camera and objects in it.

  • Hello. I want to make application which has 2D camera in it and it can move in 2D(x,y) space.
    In that application I want to be able to create openGL locators(which will represent polygon objects) and be able to move(translate, rotate, scale) them freely in 2D space. I have done until now all kind of basic UI in PyQt , but this is pretty hard for me and I am already very confused with all information I researched at this point . I googled a lot and closest thing looks "QGraphicsScene". How do you think, should I keep trying to achieve that idea with "QGraphicsScene" or there is something better? Thanks for any advice in advance.

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    Well using QGraphicsScene would give you many of the transformations for free and provide good
    But not sure what openGL locators is and if you can insert them into QGraphicsScene.

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