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Qt/3D - Simple Terrain Modelling

  • I have a simple task to do, but I'm not sure Qt is able to do this.

    I have a normal image (eg: jpeg) and a heightmap (also a jpeg) with values -1 to 1. I want to create a 3D terrain with the 2 jpegs.

    I've noticed there is something like Qt/3D, but I'm not sure this module will be able to handle something like that. Can someone confirm if Qt is able to handle such rendering or if I should rather go OpenGL. If Qt can handle it, is there any tutorial or demo program that does this?

    Just to indicate, I have NO OpenGL/DirectX knowledge and I don't want to sit for weeks trying to figure out how to manage this.

    Any advice would be appriciated.

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    I believe that you'll have to code the mapping stuff yourself, regardless of what display method you're using.

    As an aside, be wary of using jpegs (especially for your height map data), as they use lossy compression and, as such, can introduce artifacts in your data, which is probably something you wish to avoid. Consider using pngs, which will maintain your original image data.

  • I think the pixelater example can be of good use for you. There they use the grey value of color pixels to determine the diameter of circles replacing the pixels.

    In your case you could translate them to z-values.

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