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How to implement MVC using signals and slots

  • I have developed a small application which has ended up with tight coupling where the UI classes contain a lot of business logic. I am wanting to separate the business logic and UI by implementing a controller class to handle this.

    I have thought of a couple of ways I could do this but I just don't think that they're suitable.

    A quick overview of my code base for this question to make sense.

    I have two classes CreateA/CreateB which currently implements the UI and a function called Create() in both which is full of business logic. I want to rename these classes to CreateA_UI/CreateB_UI, and create a Controller class which communicates with two new classes called CreateA/CreateB which will now contain the Create() functions.

    I am struggling to understand how I would structure this to efficiently and effectively use the Qt library, especially signals and slots, to create the MVC pattern and decrease tight coupling.

    Note: I am not using the Qt designer

  • @AaronKelsey would it be worth to look at Qt's model/view architecture, instead of writing your own implementation of the MVC pattern?

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    @AaronKelsey Can you describe what kind of data does the UI collect from the user?the user can do through the UI? What kind of data do they enter

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