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App not working well on high res screen

  • Hello,

    My app seems to run well on all the PC that I have tested... Except on my macbook (running native windows under dual boot) where the display is shifted top/left as if the title bar did not exist and with something that looks like a negative margin on the left (see picture)...

    More interestingly! The Mouse position detection DOES work well, as if the controls where painted at the right location! So you have to click with a bottom/right shift compared with what you see on the display!!!

    Any ideas as to what is happening here?


  • Hi @Cyrille-de-Brebisson , i guess you have hard coded few things like the position etc, can you share the code for the window which you have attached in the screenshot,just the layout part,if you have not used layouts please look into Layouts in QML documentation.

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