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Issue building static Qt version

  • Hi. I'm using a Windows 10 64-bit computer and I'm using Qt to develop a Qt Widgets Application. I would like to deploy the application for usage on other Windows computers. The application is a 32-bit application which I am compiling with the MSVC2017 32-bit compiler. I would like to compile the executable with static linking, so I am trying to build a static version of qt.

    I have a normal version of Qt 5.12.2 installed. I downloaded Qt 5.12.1 everywhere source and extracted it to C:/qt/static. I then opened the x64 Native Tools Command Prompt for VS 2017 and ran configure -release -static -prefix "c:/qt/static" -nomake tools -nomake tests -nomake examples -skip webengine. I have python/ruby/perl installed and all in PATH.

    Then I ran nmake. However, the building process is still going on after around 2 hours. I have an i7 4790k @ 4.0GHz and I am using an SSD drive. I have no idea as to why this is taking so long and I'm wondering if I have missed out any steps/if I might get caught up in some form of infinite loop. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Did you check it uses all cores for compilation ?
    else it will take like a day :)

  • Where exactly can I check that?

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    Open task manager and see if cpu usage goes to around 100%

    alt text

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    In addition to @mrjj, use jom for the compilation rather than nmake, it will parallelise things better.

  • With no other processes running, right now it is at about 15% and sometimes going up to around 25%. I'm not sure how I can increase CPU utilisation. By the way, sorry for slow responses but I can only post once per 10 minutes.

  • I'm now using jom instead of nmake and my CPU utilisation is much higher. Hopefully it will go much faster now. Thanks everyone for the help.

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    Oh, it will by large. unless you have single core or dual core cpu :)

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