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how to give flick height in tableview

  • Hi,
    I have wrote "tableview_id.flickableitem.flick(0,-500)" and on button click, tableview is getting flicked, first parameter is "x velocity" and second paramter is "y velocity". it is working properly.

    Now, My question is how to flick by certain height only, now it is flicking and showing last element.

    I want to know, how i can flick by particular height only like row height only.

  • @Bhushan_Sure Never tried it but I have two suggestions:

    1. Set flickDeceleration to a value that will stop after the desired height.
    2. Animate the contentY value instead of flicking.

    Good luck!

  • @Tom_H Thank you for your suggestion, I have implemented in different way using flickableitem.atYend and contentY width.

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