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Error in generated makefile using qmake

  • I develop a few application and library (static or shared)

    I get an error after compiling when copying my output binary to DESTDIR.

    After research I realized that the line in the makefile file produced by qmake;

    "MOVE = move" i change to;
    "MOVE = copy /y"

    it works..

    Why should i do this after running every qmake?

    The first few lines of my makefile file;

    MAKEFILE = Makefile

    EQ = =

    first: make_first
    QMAKE = C:\Qt\Qt5.12.1\5.12.1\android_armv7\bin\qmake.exe or C:\Qt\Qt5.12.1\5.12.1\mingw73_64\bin\qmake.exe
    DEL_FILE = del
    CHK_DIR_EXISTS= if not exist
    MKDIR = mkdir
    COPY = copy /y
    COPY_FILE = copy /y
    COPY_DIR = xcopy /s /q /y /i
    INSTALL_FILE = copy /y
    INSTALL_PROGRAM = copy /y
    INSTALL_DIR = xcopy /s /q /y /i
    QINSTALL = C:\Qt\Qt5.12.1\5.12.1\android_armv7\bin\qmake.exe -install qinstall
    QINSTALL_PROGRAM = C:\Qt\Qt5.12.1\5.12.1\android_armv7\bin\qmake.exe -install qinstall -exe
    DEL_FILE = del
    SYMLINK = $(QMAKE) -install ln -f -s
    DEL_DIR = rmdir
    MOVE = move

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    Can you show your .pro file ?

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