QDockWidget Size Error.

  • I have a DockWidget in QGraphicsView.

    The DockWidget

    QWidget is add Widget.

    This QWidget has a VBLayout, and in its layout there is a groupbox, the first box in the group box is QLabel, and the second box is LineEdit.

    Click QGraphicsItem to display the information of the selected item in QDcokWidget.

    Different items are displayed differently, so when you hit A and B items, the size of the Dock widget is different.

    However, if you resize the DockWidget with the mouse, clicking on the A and B items will result in a different size.

    Is there a way to get the same size when I press A or B from the beginning without adjusting it with the mouse?

    Sorry. Photos and sources can not be uploaded for any reason.

    Thank you.

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    Why are you using a QDockWidget inside a QGraphicsView ?

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