How to use QTermWidget in PySide2?

  • Does Qt has the original widget for terminal? We can find QTermWidget in github for C++, how do we use it in Python?
    When does Qt release it's widget for terminal?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    No it doesn't. QTermWidget is not an official Qt module. You'll have to contact the project's authors to check with them if they plan to add support for PySide 2 or write the bindings yourself.

  • Thanks, I will ask him. After searching the Internet for a long time, I have found that many people try to realize the "QTerminalWidget" in Python but poor. Why does not Qt official develop this widget? The QTermWidget is not friendly used even in C++.

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    Let's take it from the other end, why should the Qt project do it ?

    There's already a Qt based terminal that exists: Konsole from the KDE project.

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