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RPi3, WebView locks the mouse, while keyboard works fine

  • I'm trying to dinamically open and close a web view, using




    On the main.cpp I called


    before the


    The view opens fine, but when I move the cursor over the WebView, the mouse "stops" at its border, without entering. If I use the keyboard's tab key to navigate the page, it works fine. Any clicking in any internal area seems to be ignored.

    I'm using QT 5.12.0 on a raspberry Pi3, cross-compiled from a Ubuntu 16.04.

    Did I miss any requirement, or skip some configuration?

  • Update: it seems that calling the setUrl on the constructor of the QMainWindow the page works fine; if I call the method later (even just before the main window .show() method) the repaint events don't get called

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