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How to add child nodes to TreeView after construction?

  • Hi,

    I am using Qt 5.9 on linux. I have the Simple Tree Model Example running in my app, but now I'd like to add child nodes to the TreeView after the initial model has already been constructed. The only thing I've changed from the example is that the data is supplied by an external source rather than how it does it internally.

    Can anyone provide suggestions on how to add child nodes after construction of the model?

  • Works with any model adhering to the QAbstractItemModel interface:

    const QModelIndex parent = model->index(0,0); // get the item in the first row and first column
    model->insertRow(0,parent); // add 1 child row
    model->insertColumn(0,parent); // add 1 child column
    model->setData(model->index(0,0,parent),QStringLiteral("Child Item")); // set the data of the child

  • @SRaD
    As @VRonin has written. Try to think in terms of: with Qt's model-view architecture for so many of its "view" widgets, when you want to change anything about the data they are displaying it is the model which you want to alter, and the view will update to reflect your changes.

  • This is a bit confusing because from the Simple Tree Model Example I used, my initial construction appears like the following ...

    QList<QVariant> rootData;
    rootData << "Col 1" << "Col 2";
    MyTreeItem *parentItem = new MyTreeItem(rootData);
    QList<QVariant> a_data;
    a_data << "Item1" << "data1";
    MyTreeItem *a_item = new MyTreeItem(a_data, parentItem);
    QList<QVariant> b_data;
    b_data << "Item2" << "data2";
    MyTreeItem *b_item = new MyTreeItem(b_data, parentItem);
    treeModel = new MercuryTreeModel(parentItem);

    Using the above, I create a new MyTreeItem and pass in the parent node at the time of creation. But using the index, insertRow, and setData methods, I'm not seeing how that would work.

    Can someone elaborate?

  • I've changed things up a bit, but now having trouble adding my class to the setData function.

    The MyTreeItem class does not inherit QObject.

    class MyTreeItem 
        // ...

    I'm trying to add an item to my treeview, but not sure how to construct this class with QVariant.

    // ...
    QList<QVariant> name;
    name << new_name << "";
    const QModelIndex parent = treeModel->index(0, 0); 
    MyTreeItem *newItem = new MyTreeItem(name); 
    treeModel->insertRow(0, parent);
    treeModel->setData(treeModel->index(0, 0, parent), QVariant(newItem));

    I get the following error ...

    error: use of deleted function ‘QVariant::QVariant(void*)’
    treeModel->setData(treModel->index(0, 0, parent), QVariant(newItem));

    Can anyone help w/ that?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Why would you set a pointer to a QTreeItem as data of another QTreeItem?
    See on how to set a QTreeWidgetItem as a child of another QTreeWidgetItem

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