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Developing an interface, built for Windows XP

  • Re: Qt 5.6 doesn't compatible with Windows XP


    We are a group of students that are learning Object-oriented programming. We have a project to develop a graphic interface on a computer that runs on Windows XP. We cannot upgrade the OS, because we are trying to use a SDK on an obsolete Multispectral camera whose interface card was developed for Windows XP. We only want to display the live camera image.

    What is needed to be installed on the Windows XP Machine?

    Qt Creator version?
    Qt version?

    We tried several attempts on installing older versions and we do not understand what needs to be done in order to start coding!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much!

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    You should start by determining what is the latest version of Visual Studio/MinGW you can use on your WinXP machine. Then you'll be able to determine which version of Qt you can install.

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    Adding to @SGaist
    make sure to check what compiler the camera SDK is compiled with. Often the interface is
    via DLL and that might be visual studio only / 2005/2008 and if there is no source
    that is the compiler you must use and we must find a matching Qt for it.

  • Qt Creator version is only relevant if you want to use Qt Creator on Windows XP.
    For Qt, last supported version for Windows XP is Qt 5.6.x (cf.
    But you will have to build from sources.

    You can do it with Visual Studio 2015 which have a Windows XP suport, but you won't be able to do debuging (cf.

    hope this helps

  • @oxidium said in Developing an interface, built for Windows XP:

    obsolete Multispectral camera whose interface card was developed for Windows XP

    Have you tried the camera under newer Windows version?

  • Hi everyone and thank you all for investigating this issue.

    @SGaist We managed to find a Visual Studio 6 installation to run and compile on the WinXP machine. We found out that in the SDK, there was some VC++ 6 files, like *dsw. It actually does compile simple examples from the SDK. Of course, we need to understand how the whole library works.
    However, I do not know how to check about the MinGW compiler. I was told it could work and I am currently downloading qt-opensource-windows-x86-mingw492-5.5.1.exe

    @mrjj There are a lot of libraries available in the SDK. When we try to use a command to open the camera, we get an error like Dll access violation. Choosing a compiler is not something we are familiar to! I personnally code small interfaces with Visual Studio 2017 with Qt 5.6 and it is very fun. But going back more than 10 years, I feel like I missed something.

    @KroMignon Well that is what I wanted to know: How to build from sources?

    @Pablo-J-Rogina Our supervisor is not willing to test it on another machine. It is his only camera with no spare and he does not want to try, as the IT tech told him.

    We are thinking of doing a small local network in order to share the image to another machine, with proper tools to develop a more up-to-date application.

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