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lib compatibility msvc / mingw

  • Hi,
    I have a 3rd party c++ (cmake) library project that i build with msvc compiler.
    Then I can use the lib in my Qt app with msvc2017 kit .

    My problem : I have to use this lib in Felgo (v-play) context, and felgo has only Mingw kit.

    edit : My real question is : how to build my the lib so it is compatible with mingw kit ?

    Thanks for help

  • You can't mix the libraries compiled with 2 different compilers. To compile with cmake using mingw you just need to set up the correct generator.
    It should look something like

    SET PATH=C:\Qt\Tools\mingw530_32;%PATH%
    set originalWD=%CD%
    call "C:\Qt\5.12\mingw53_32\bin\qtenv2.bat"
    cd %originalWD%
    mkdir .\build
    cd .\build
    cmake --build .
    cmake --build . --target install
    cmake --build . --target test
    cmake --build .
    cmake --build . --target install
    cmake --build . --target test

  • Hi,
    If you don't have the source codes of the third party library, then you can try to build a new service that uses the library with the msvc2017 kit. You can communicate to service via TCP/IP or QProcess ( for more information look at ipc)

  • Thank you very much @VRonin and @CKurdu

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