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How i can showcase an app built with QT-QML for android platform ?

  • Hi all,
    i recently developed an android app with the help of Qt -QML .I wanted to know where i can showcase this app? .also i wanted to know is there any competition held for apps built with QT?. Also is there anyway i can earn money with this app ? how?
    (As an independent developer i spent lot of time on developing this app, so i am expecting some positive things from this app !!)
    thank you.

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    Earning money with an application depends on several factors. Are you selling the application ? Content for it ? What does it do ? etc.

  • @SGaist said in How i can showcase an app built with QT-QML for android platform ?:


    this application is developed to track daily activities for students who can store their activities like class time table and their study time table in the application.
    is there anywhere i can showcase this app?

  • @divaindie

    If you mean showcasing within the "Qt world", AFAIK there is only this forum and here under showcase. However, this is merely a user driven forum. Therefore the audience might be limited.

    Otherwise for show-casing you could contact the people of , but I am not aware that they are showcasing more activities already seen on the page.

    You could publish your work with google playstore.

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