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QtCreator: Annoying Clang code model auto-completion

  • Hi all,

    I think the new Clang code model is really helpful, but with Qt Creator 4.8.x the auto-completion is really annoying.

    • It's sorted in a weird way: While in the old code model the auto-completion is sorted alphabetically, it seems that the functions are sorted according to their name length. Really? Who cares about the name length?
    • In addition, it seems that, sometimes, the functions are grouped according to classes and inherited classes. So if the function with the longest name appears, which is actually the last function of the class, the next function in the auto-complete box is very short and belongs to an inherited class. This is repeated a few times.
    • Overall, no sorting system is discernible.

    This is very confusing. Is there any way to set that without disabling the clang code model?


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