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QDomNode and CDATA

  • I'm using QDomDocument to retrieve items from an rss feed. Most rss feeds wrap the item descriptions (content:encoded or itunes:summary) with CDATA. Let's say that I'm using the code below to get the description.

    descriptionNode = QDomNode.namedItem("content:encoded");
    QString descriptionString = descriptionNode.toElement().text();

    Am I retrieving the CDATA as well as the text/html? How can I make sure that I'm only retrieving the text/html?

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    Did you test that ?
    Do you have an XML example to check that ?

  • I tested an rss feed by retrieving the content:encoded text and setting the html of a QTextBrowser. It correctly displayed a few links so I know the html is working but I don't know if the CDATA is still present. Does QTextBrowser ignore the CDATA wrapper in setHtml()? Either way, I still don't know if I'm grabbing the CDATA from the element text.


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    You can check the html by retrieving it again from QTextBrowser. If you want to see exactly what is happening with QTextBrowser, then the simplest is to check it source.

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