How do you add a popup window in QML?

  • How do you create a pop up window in QML, such that a separate window pops up, similar to that of the Qt C++ MainWindow function?

  • @edorval Hi,
    follow below example,

    Window {
        id: rootWindow
        visible: true
        width: 600
        height: 800
        property color popupBackGroundColor: "#b44"
        property color popupTextCOlor: "#ffffff"
        Popup {
                id: popup
                property alias popMessage: message.text
                background: Rectangle {
                    implicitWidth: rootWindow.width
                    implicitHeight: 60
                    color: popupBackGroundColor
                y: (rootWindow.height - 60)
                modal: true
                focus: true
                closePolicy: Popup.CloseOnPressOutside
                Text {
                    id: message
                    anchors.centerIn: parent
                    font.pointSize: 12
                    color: popupTextCOlor
                onOpened: popupClose.start()
            // Popup will be closed automatically in 2 seconds after its opened
            Timer {
                id: popupClose
                interval: 2000
                onTriggered: popup.close()

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