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Win10 Pro Connection Problem

  • Hi!
    I Using QNetworkAccessManager and getting text from url. My program good working on all platforms and getting text without problem on. Win 7 , Win 8, Win 10. But my program on Win10 Pro not getting any text. Program working but QNetworkAccessManager not working not getting text from url but program working. What problem on Win10 Pro ? How can i fix this problem?

    I turn off all firewalls but still not working.

  • @jondoe I'd suggest to analyze the network traffic capture (i.e. Wireshark) in your Win 10 Pro machine to see what's actually being sent and received in the network.

    Firewall blocking? No route to destination? Server rejecting connection? Lots of possibilities... you'll find out looking at traffic dump.

  • @Pablo-J.-Rogina Thank you for your answer. Im trying now but when i starting problem there is writing " no intercafes found "!

  • @jondoe well, that's out of scope for Qt related issues. You may want to check with Wireshark community or try any other network traffic dump tool as well.

    In addition, do you connect the QNetworkReply::error() signal to check for errors? That could give you more information about may be going on there.

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