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DockWidget chagne Size & mouse Change Size Error.

  • When you setWidget on a QDockWidget and click on QGraphicsItem, the QDockWidget displays information about the item you clicked.

    QDckWidget will always change its size because the information shown differs from item to item.

    I want QDockWidget to be created in one size when it is first created, and I want to show it in that size when I click on the items.

    So I have setMaxmumSize and setMinimumSize.

    It shows only in its size without moving. However, the size can not be manipulated with the mouse.

    What if you want to manipulate the size with your mouse? Thank you.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    setting setMaxmumSize is absolute and mouse cannot change it.
    You could put the widget you use with setWidget into a QScrollArea.
    Then if it gets bigger it shows scrollbars and user can resize to show all.

    alt text

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