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Parsing JSON with Qt

  • Hey i want to parse a JSON.

    My JSON looks like:

      "static": {
        "readFiles": {
          "balance": "statisch",
          "level1": {
            "int id": 0,
            "level2": {
              "typ": "TextField",
              "background-color": "grey"
            "level1_1": {
              "int id_1": 0,
              "level2_1": {
                "typ": "TextField",
                "background-color": "grey"

    now i want to parse each level.

    The JSON-File have always the same structur, only the content can be diffrent and they can be more informations in this file.

    I want to get the content from "static" and from "level2" for example.
    How can i parse this file ?

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    The starting point will likely be QJsonDocument.

  • Hey @SGaist thank you for your request,

    i now this Documentation, but i dont find something how help me on my question.

  • @NotYourFan

    All described in the documentation of QJsonDocument and examples. I would suggest something like that:

    QFile file(filename);;
    QJsonDocument json = QJsonDocument::fromJson(file.readAll());
    QJsonObject static = json["static"];
    QJsonObject readfiles= static ["readFiles"];

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